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First, I never indicated that you develop feelings about someone based on race. I merely expressed my response to your obvious disgust that blacks always invoke the race card when race is not the issue. In your eyes race would never be the issue. If you could switch sides in order to see what I see, then you'll have a completely different insight and perhaps you'll think twice before you speak on issues of race. Fortunately, you'll never have that luxury. Perhaps you'll understand our reluctance to always quote the Constitution, especially the part that states "all men are created equal". Blacks have lived a different experience. However, I respect your need to point out the parts of the Constitution befitting for you to illustrate your point. Fortunately for me, I was never taught racism, but I speak on it because I know it exist. Secondly, I was taught to respect my elders regardless of their authority. However, I can't understand your concept that respect has to be earned and respect for authority such as with elected officials somehow falls under a different criteria. I may not understand or agree with the authority on my job, but I'm required to offer a certain level of respect for them. How can you justify who should or shouldn't be respected just because their views are different than yours. I don't quite understand.


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