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Most presidents in modern

Most presidents in modern times have given speeches like this. I recall Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton, and GW Bush all adressed schoolchildren at some point in their presidency. And each time, the opposing party complained. This is nothing new. It's just that the republican party has been defeated soundly in the last two major elections. America has rejected their positions conclusively. The party is reeling and has been reduced to fear mongering rather than healthy debate on issues. They know that a majority of voters don't agree with thier stances, so they're trying to scare people with misinformation, in hope of bringing them back into the fold. Don't for a mintue try to tell me that the party was against this speech because of the message the president was going to deliver. If you do, I'll quote your latest laughingstock and say "you lie!" The republican opposition started even before a draft was released; they had no idea what what in the speech at the time. They opposed it simply because it was an Obama speech, rather than a McCain speech. Sore losers.


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