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Using phones in schools

And when was the last time you were in a school and asked to use the phone? When a child asks to use the phone to call a parent even when they are sick, initially, they are denied use of the phone and told that "the school phones are not for student's personal use". If they are sick and try to call a parent it's ususally several hours after they've asked before they actually get to make the call. On the issue of banning cell phones in schools, did you know some those same phones have GPS devices in them and with particular applications the parent will get a text message when the child (w/the phone) leaves a certain area? This comes in very handy when a child gets picked up and is allowed to go with someone not authorized (and that does happen) or even if a child decides to skip school. In that situation, the parent will know the child left campus before the school even does. I'm by no means condoning this whole 'sexting' thing and it is something that parents should be discussing with their children and is something that should be addressed. But to have to ruin the rest of a child's life by having to have them register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives does not teach that child (or children) how to become productive members of society. Statistics show that kids who are constantly being pushed down that school-to-prison pipeline will end up committing harsher crimes later. We, as a society, are so quick to blame the child. So quick to have a child arrested and convicted with adult crimes. But, stop and think. Children learn what they live. Where did they learn it from? And don't just blame the parents either. Children are exposed to a lot more adults that have authority over them and influence their day to day lives; teachers, school administration, aunts, uncles, the media. Take a walk thru the mall and see what you're exposed to. Stop and think of your own actions and if everything you've done has been perfect and then think if a child may have seen you do something wrong. You're teaching them just as much as anyone else. Children are like recorders. They remember and absorb more than you think. And if an 'adult' does something that breaks the law, or violates thier rights in any way, don't you think that is teaching them that it's ok for them to do the same? Do some reading and research. Check out how this type of thing, depending on what the outcome is, can further allow the violation of our constitutional rights. Are you ready to give up your freedoms? What you have left?


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