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Oh, I fully agree....

...that it's a ridiculous expenditure when we're closing in on twelve trillion in debt, with another nine trillion on tap over the next ten years. That said, and even considering the fact that it's mostly federal money, those affluent neighborhoods pay far more in income taxes than the lower income areas. So where did we ever get this idea that the government's main purpose in life is to redistribute wealth and provide financial subsidies to some Americans, but not others? Why would that bike path be better between 3rd and 17th (wear Kevlar instead of Spandex) that in an area where people would feel safer biking? You're undoubtedly familiar with the figure - the upper fifty percent of wage earners pay 97.3% of all personal income taxes collected. If they get a bike path out of it and the societal sponges don't, so be it. We can't conduct business like Louis XVI, but we've gone too far in the other direction. The government dedicates far too much effort and money into making sure that the poor don't have to feel poor.


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