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ILM isn't as an important

ILM isn't as an important hub as your local leaders want you to believe, or locals may believe. A direct effect/reason on why airlines won't place their business at ILM is volume of passengers, not passenger desire. There is a whole lot more competition out there for majors to deal with then smaller hubs. As with Convenience stores and their higher prices, if you don't want to drive to RDU or CLT for more direct flights, you'll have to pay for the flights from ILM to connect you to those hubs. Those hubs are more money/passenger savoy (if you will). It's all in what you want to spend your money for to travel by air. Jet Blue/Air Tran (i.e.) have a history of arrival/departure delinquencies in the interim, and is why their fares are attract a more versatile/flexible class of passenger. You won't see American/United bring offering flights to ILM in the near future. The hub just isn't investment worthy to a major airline. What profession this really has an effect on is business people. Their profession isn't seasonal, and these folks are effected year round, unlike the seasonal passengers flying to Florida/California/Las Vegas. Sorry. You'll just have to connect for now or drive a couple hundred miles to fly for less. ILM isn't the only hub effected by non-direct flights. You'll see/and do see presently the deals you find as a "better deal rate" have a red eye flight (+ one day) thrown into the mix. If you don't mind sleeping while flying (some do prefer to sleep) or in a terminal waiting to connect, here is where you will save your hard earned dollars on flights.


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