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Animal waste

You have a point. I don't have a problem with cleaning up after my dogs. I do have a problem with a $250.00 fine. It goes hand in hand with Peta's commercial about eating meat. The one with Bones star Emily Deschand stating that we need to go green and quite eating meat. That animal waste contributes to more pollution than all of the cars, airplanes, manufacturing plants, etc. in the world. I wonder, if we all quite eating meat will that automatically cause all of the animals to quite pooping? Would that not just add to the so called problem since their population would increase since there is no one killing them for food? Funny how animals have been around for thousands of years and the world has survived. Can you imagine the amount of poop from the dinosaurs? If there was going to be a problem with animal poop contributing to global warming, how come the ice age was the main cause of killing off the dinosaurs? But, wait that kind of thinking, goes against the media, Al Gore, Hollywood elites, and others. Surely they know more than me?


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