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Yeah, AWESOME....

...right up there with Richard's Wild Irish Rose, Night Train Express, and MD 20/20. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit too hard, but I have to stand with WilmingtonMAJ on this one. While I have never had the "pleasure" of partaking of vodka and urine, I know wine....I know a LOT about wine. (It fits in with the elitist snob view liberals have of me, doesn't it?) That's not to knock you folks who like Duplin County's just to emphasize that you have no idea what WINE is. In fact, the guy in the video states exactly what is WRONG with Duplin wines. Wine should NOT taste as if you just picked grapes off the vine. If that's all you want, buy grape juice! They're too sweet (sometimes too tart), too fruity, and quite honestly, don't compliment any food that I have tried them with. (I confess that I have never consumed a Duplin wine with beef jerky and a Moon Pie or a Hardee's double cheeseburger, so perhaps I need to expand my horizons.) Wrong coast, wrong winds, wrong soil. Go buy a good Bordeaux such as a Ste Emillion or Ste. Julien, or any of the Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserves, then tell me how good that Duplin County wi....STUFF is.


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