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reply to Soles' Debacle

Come on Guest45 if Soles is so respectible when (according to his video interview with another reporter) Allen came to him wanting to move out (wherever he was living at the time). Why didn't RC do the right thing and contact Social Services being Allen was a minor instead of sitting him up in an apartment at the age of 15. Then he finances a house at the age of 17 (still a minor). I'm sorry there is no way that I can possible think that anyone would consider this being "respectible". RC is a lawmaker, he is even more aware of the programs that are available to help a child in this position than you or I. I'm sure RC knows of Child Protection Services. I for one still ask the question Where oh Where is the Dept. of Social Services? There have been many forks in the road (in this saga) where RC could have chosen the respectible path. Maybe I am missing something but I haven't seen where he did that.


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