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Although conservatives are

Although conservatives are still a powerful political force, you are now in the minority. You've lost the last 2 major elections quite badly. It's clear that a majority of Americans do not agree with your political philosophy. These days, moderates (like me) and liberals do not fear you, but rather are just amused or annoyed by your antics. It's kind of sad to see once what once was a driving political party reduced to rumor and fear mongering in their effort to remain relevant. I wonder if the party will be able to regroup, rebound, and become a mainstream party capable of winning a major election again. Right now, they just seem like a bunch of individual, directionless, leaderless politicians screaming about every change the dems are trying to make. Their most noticeable presence is in the likes of entertainer Rush Limbaugh, who seems to mainstream Americans to be as looney as the left wing groups like PETA. I wonder if the Republicans realize that they need to take more moderate (not liberal) stances to have a good chance of regaining power? Most Americans do not seem to identify with the more conservative values that the Republicans have historically stood for. They lost the last 2 elections, and with the direction America's demographics are headed, are likely to be an ever smaller minority in the future.


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