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"I wonder if the Republicans realize that they need to take more moderate (not liberal) stances to have a good chance of regaining power?" First of all, the current president ran on a moderate platform, but has not exhibited that behavior at all. As far as repubs are concerned, did you take a look at the last nominee the republicans put up? McCain (and even Bush were hardly conservatives !!! The repubs DID run on a moderate/middle ground and got killed in the election. Your comment that the majority of Americans don't agree with the conservative philosophy doesn't hold much water. They weren't given the opportunity to vote for a conservative. And given the government takeover of the financial sector, most of the automotive sector, and now the healthcare and environmental sectors, as well as the corupt companionship of the liberal left (ACORN), many many many people are looking toward conservative philosophies as they are scared to death of what is happening currently. The primary reason for the dems success in the last few elections is over the disdain for Bush over the war. Simple. I don't believe any candidate with an "R" after their name had a real chance in the last election. I'm not bitter over that, but it is a reality. The dems didn't win the election, the repubs lost it. Repubs did a TERRIBLE job of p.r., and continue to do so, which is why you are seeing such a groundswell from the grass roots level. If you look at the polling, the independents (who make the differences in the elections) are not happy at all with the dems, and are looking for alternatives. If the repubs can put up a TRUE conservative, one who will stick to principles, but not jump to the fringe right, I believe the independents will give him/her a strong look over the current administration/congress. You stated "They lost the last 2 elections, and with the direction America's demographics are headed, are likely to be an ever smaller minority in the future." I believe that with the direction America's demographics are headed, more and more Americans will begin to steer away from the liberal mindset and move toward the conservative/right-of-center. If the liberal left continue to believe that the outcome of the last presidential and last 2 congressional elections are a trend toward 2010, I believe, absent of any major shift in trends, they will be sadly shocked. My 2 cents.


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