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You confuse Republican and Conservative

The REPUBLICANS lost the '06 and '08 races, not conservative philosophy. Poll after poll indicates that a majority of Americans still hold conservative core values. You're seeing that right now in the widespread MAJORITY opposition to Obamacare. Many people who voted for the Democrats were pushed into it by eight years of a militarily incompetent president who was just as much a fan of big government as Obama is (e.g., No Child Left Behind), and a Republican controlled Congress that spent money with a frivolity to equal the Democrats. Both parties have miserably failed this nation. The Republicans look like the gang that can't shoot straight while the Democrats seem to be going out of their way to incite violent revolution in their push for Socialism. The bottom line? Don't think that the conservatives are in the minority....and with the actions of this president and Congress, don't be surprised as their numbers grow. Above all, be most concerned with intelligent, capable people who have read the Constitution and are tired of Republicans and Democrats ignoring it. What was it Pelosi said..."...a bunch of Timothy McVeigh wannabes?" Let her and the Socialists keep on their current path and see what happens when a few hundred thousand Timothy McVeigh wannabes organize their efforts.


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