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I disagree...

America is, by and large, a nation of people belonging to a variety of religious faiths. I'm not sure what "traditional family values" are any more than I'm sure what liberal, conservative, or whatever "values" are. But most Americans are raising their children to respect their elders, do well in school, take responsibility for their own actions and behaviors, and so on. Unfortunately, these folks aren't the newsmakers. And, the "family values" touted by some of the high profile religious showmen and elected officials are nothing but rhetoric aimed at their mindless followers. I live in a modestly priced small (60+ homes) neighborhood in Wilmington. Everybody pitches in $25 a year and we have a July 4th parade and easter egg hunt for the kids...and on Halloween the kids go door to door without fear of getting a nasty surprise in their treats. We have a neighborhood pig-pickin and so on. And, we're a typical mix of political and religious and/or non-religious beliefs. The widely reported degradation of our society is partially true. It's true where there is poverty, poor schools, parents who either can't or won't get involved in their children's lives and so on. Most Americans are willing to give others a hand up, but tire of giving hand-outs. There are root causes why hand-ups and hand-outs aren't working...and it's generally because the gap between the haves and have-nots in this nation is so wide that many people just can't bridge it. We have to have fair wages and more accessible health care and schools that focus on teaching skills and rewarding achievement in meaningful activities (science fairs, spelling bees, good grades,leadership, etc,) rather than giving all the accolades to some numb-skull whose ONLY skill is being able to dribble a basketball or run fast. Your comment about the ACLU is typical of the half-truths often told told by folks like Wright. If the ACLU files suit it's to protect people's right to religious freedom...and that includes freedom from being oppressed by religious bigots like the now deceased Jerry Falwell and others of his ilk...including politicians who would legislate that everyone has to believe what they believe if we let them. Lastly, neither party dominates the media airways. You have the right to listen to whomever you choose. IF TV doesn't suit you I suggest reading some good newspapers that still actually have some integrity. It appears your ideologies don't leave much room for facts or reason. THAT is the problem with too many people.


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