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Don't you guys get it?

I see the comments below and I'm right there with you. Any of the polls I've seen show by far, an overwhelming majority of the public vehementy oppose this ruling, but look...the GOVERNMENT doesn't!!!! WHY??? Somebody's getting fat pockets again!!! There has been absolutely NO EFFORT to stifle the influx of illegals into this country, there has been absolutely NO EFFORT to steer the illegals back home. There has been NO EFFORT to prevent the illegals from draining the Social Security system, the health care system, the TAX system and now the education system that the American people work so hard for. So what is the REAL reason that no action is taken for any of this? The big guys up top with FAT pockets, the real estate developers, the builders, the lobbyists. All the way to the top....Federal, State, County and every office. It's going to rapidly get to the point where the American people have had enough and realize that the good' ol' American "vote" is no longer effective to curtail the growth and power of Government. We will stand up will resolve these differences in the same manner in which this country was originally founded. By the People and For the People!!!!!


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