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ok now what

ok now what? you smart ones that decided this CRAZY idea. Lets see, when my son enrolled, i had to have proof of legal residency, oh wait they can do this, look under department of social services, check under housing assistance, hud, ect. i had to have past electric bill,, wait they can too look under DSS assistance again along with their food stamps. i had to provide tax returns, w-2 ect, ooops snafu some don't pay tax, they get paid under the table, we pay their tax (along with their electric, housing, food, medical, a translator etc.), or do they get to turn in to the school a.... w-illegal, for the prior year? its elementary my friend, my 6 year old can even figure this out. Send everyone of them back, get OUR Americans back into the work force and out the unemployment lines, get the Americans back on track, back in homes and food on their tables, our children educated. then If they choose to be legal AFTER THAT set standards. First before coming here they Must speak English, once here you have a certain amount of time to acquire job, housing, etc, or get sent back. an American when disabled has to be disabled 2 years before they can receive assistance. if unemployed can only draw unemployment a certain length of time.the list continues my son had to set out his 2nd year of college cause of our situation and we couldn't get help, he cant get a job cause there isn't anyone hiring but i pulled up to the drive thru the other day and my server hardly could get my order right cause she spoke barely any English, there were several like that in there, a job that my son (that speaks English well) could have had, along with others in his same situation and maybe he could have continued his college education, been able to keep his car. Come on, we are the land of the free yes, but our solders don't lay down their lives everyday for us, just to see it all for nothing, for our law makers and government to run it back in the ground as if their blood shed was for nothing. Americans think, this is what you leave to your future family, my grandfather served proudly in the navy, for the America he took pride in, i sure as heck don't want to let him down, and the ones behind all the crap with this illegal scams to line their pockets should be ashamed, your ancestors didn't lay down their lives for you to just ruin it.


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