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Why don't all of you

Why don't all of you understand. Illegal immigrants who are students here for the longest time of their lives didn't know they were brought by their parents when they didn't know right from wrong. They were too young to say, no I don't want to go or no it's wrong. They had no choice, so now they are stuck here and after completing high school they don't know what else they should do. Besides by paying out of state tuition they will be paying taxes so don't even worry about that part. Remember that your children shared the same friends and teachers in high school and all of the lower schools and they have the right of an education also. I am an immigrant and I'm actually very smart. I want a career and I want to help out my community and you know what it makes me sick that there are people who don't understand people like me. How much we suffer knowing that we don't belong here but it has been our only home and we don't know any other home. I can't go back because my whole family is here what would be the point of it. Why don't you people at least try to understand, besides how would this in any shape or form effect you? Answer me what are the negatives of this new law?


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