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For the IGNORANTS out there!

I totally agree with you....Come on we were brought here almost against our will, because our parents came to the USA because of a better life and of course they didn't ask us if we wanted to come. Besides i don't understand why are the citizens talking about they don't want any illegals in the USA? Have they forgot the history of America or how did their ancestors came to what is now the USA? i mean please first revise the constitution and the history maybe then you wouldn't sound so ignorant. Another thing i want to point out to the so called citizens or for those that are against immigrant students attending school is that illegals also pay tax even though they don't get much benefits from the government. The last thing i want everyone to see is that next time they pass a tobbacco, grape, blueberry, tomatoe, or any kind of field take time to look what race is working out there. If it wasn't for the illegal immigrants USA would be far worse then what it is right now.


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