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Local economy vs safety

It's good that Rhino decided to help with the lighting down there. It does get crowded late at night after the bars close. I don't think the $$$ that the bar patrons spend is balanced out by some of our commenters dislike for bars. I think we're topped out for antique shops and fashion stores down there already. What with the fake downtown "Mayfaire" getting the big brand name department stores there's really not much else that's going to be successful but nightlife downtown. The cops would do well to increase patrols on the parking decks imho! Thats the scary lawless zone that I've witnessed down there. I know some of the commenters are afeared of a lot of people of color standing on the sidewalks together, but 2nd and Market isn't nearly as dangerous as those decks in terms of assault, robbery and vandalism.


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