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Think in the color of money

Few people realize what's truly behind this "green revolution." It has little to do with science, but is a classic economic play. Keep in mind that sixty of Germany's top scientists, including an early pioneer in global warming research, just wrote a letter to the German government calling the entire theory of global warming a load of baloney. The research has been flawed, they claimed, and the role of CO2 is being greatly overestimated. They also bemoaned the almost religious fanaticism that has been adopted by the proponents of global warming.... BUT... ...also consider that you could have purchased five-thousand shares of BNS Holding, the parent corporation of the company that makes the PHETT for $7500 on April 17th of this year. You could have sold those five-thousand shares for $37,500 earlier this week. Where else are you going to get a return like that in five months? So even though the entire issue of global warming may be a bunch of hooey, there is no shortage of corporate and governmental suckers willing to pay top dollar for anything that's labeled "green."


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