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Happy for my children

After reading all of these, I must say that I am quite happy for my children. I knew my children were smart, but after reading some of these post and what "PEOPLE" think they know just proves that my children will grow up as genius's compared to some of the "END of the WORLD" is coming people out there. Let's be real, I am sure the majority of the people who oppose Titan is driving around in a prius or some form of a hybrid (NOT). What about all the "Bottled Water" (in plastic) you drink a day (which I am sure you recycle every-single-bottle), or maybe even the electricty you used to fire up your computer and internet so you can waste 5 minutes of your life that you will never get back by complaining about Titan and the "JOBS" most of you say will not be offered. One person wrote that it was all automated. Interesting... after I did some research, they are quite right, however, the average cement plant that I found employed well over 150 people. Not to mention the hundreds, that's right, H-U-N-D-R-E-D-S of outside contractors. Which by the way... these people will also spend thier money in that location. But hey, the local community won't benifit from that. Amazing---- As far as killing and Harming our children. Puh-lease, everytime you drive your kids down the interstate you put them at risk. That may sound "stupid" but lets check the amount of fatalities on the highways vs. mercury exsposure. Pollution??? What do you drive??? Where does your electricty come from? Do you own a windmill and refuse the electricity that is made by Coal or Nuclear energy.. Last but not least- AS I SEE IT... Most of you complain just to complain, you like to hear yourselves speak (by the length of this-I like to hear myself speak). Your so unhappy that you need people around to be unhappy just so you feel a part of something. Good luck in life and thanks for making my children geniuses!


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