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Not until the second Obama term

The Democrats are not touching gun control until Obama is re-elected. They know it's a hot-button issue, sure to arouse massive political upheaval. Of course, changing events might make them accelerate that plan. They are trying to figure out how to get around the Heller decision, and what to do about Southern Democrats who simply will not support any grand registration/eventual confiscation schemes. Therefore they are placing a LOT of hope on the UN resurrecting the Small Arms Proliferation Treaty, which Obama and a Democratic super-majority in the Senate could ram down our throats and throw the whole "right to bear arms" debate into chaos. (Our forefathers, never envisioning something akin to the UN, gave a treaty equal standing with our Constitution, according TO that Constitution!) The most important task before us is to make sure that as of January 2011, Obama no longer has a Democratic super-majority in the Senate.


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