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How will this be handled?

Just wondering if the folks that pick up the trash will "inspect" the contents. What will they do? Refuse to pick it up? Call the trash police? I figure it will be business as usual but you never know. I do think this is to raise awareness BUT with the law in place action could be taken. I also feel that after a certain period of time then the tickets will start being issued. I have nothing against recycling. I have been doing it for years but I am provided a bin. I know lots of folks that are angry they will have to drive to a recycling location to dispose of the items. I don't think that is fair and I don't blame them for thumbing their noses. It just seems that it could be a bigger problem for them at some point. I wonder how much sense it would make to just have all the trash sorted somehow. By that I mean it is all picked up in the one container and taken to a "sorting location". (The thought sounds expensive) There would be no need to run 2 trucks where recycling pickup is available and folks would not have to use gas/time to find a recycling location. ???? Any way you slice it more of a burden will be created from one end to the other though.......that seems to be job #1 for government anymore.


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