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Wake up, Barney!

"Public School offers a rich environment for a child to learn in as opposed to private schools who are able to discriminate as freely as they wish." Every species in the world (to include man) is governed by the law of "survival of the fittest." Trust me, it's a jungle out here and when I interview your kid, I could give a hoot about that "rich environment" he or she received. I want to see a high GPA, astounding academic achievement, scholarships, and most of all, a thorough in-depth knowledge of the field I require. Unless you have signed onto the Socialist mediocrity that is the dominant new religion in America, get your kids out of the government schools and into private or parochial schooling. Exposure to the seamy side of life and the chronic underachievers doesn't do anything but dumb-down your kids, as they are forced to sit through dumbed-down classes for the sake of the inept and lazy.


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