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To respond to

To respond to "WilmingtonMAJ", your last statement was both insulting and really uneducated. Sir you can all the degrees in the world and the most prestigious schooling, but sir you lack the most important trait compassion. There are many, myself including that have chosen careers which do not afford us the "Luxury" of sending our children to private school. We have chosen careers in public service, not due to our lack of private education, but due to that is what we wanted to choose. To enlighten you further these careers do not come with high paying salaries. They do come with pride and fulfillment. My children know this and appreciate that we make do with our life, not over stretching ourselves. In your rational you say if people can not afford private education they have no opinion. Sir, let me enlighten you to the problems people are having with the re-districting...People buys homes, make lives and their children accumulate to a school and neighborhood. Then the NHCS decides that even though there a school 10 minutes from your home, you should be bused 40-60 minutes to a different school so you can fill a racial quota. I have an issue with this as my child should not have to endure an exuberant bus ride to a school that is under-performing, having teachers that have relationships with students, constant lock downs, brawls, and just a lack of human decency. This is not just one school there are several with these problems. You have stated that your taxes pay for my child’s education, sir do your re-search and find out the percentage of your taxes go toward education. You will be surprised it is not much. Just like my taxes pay for road up-keep, city employees, parks, and the thousands of other services needed. I do not use some of those services, but in your rational I should complain for paying for those services? So to wrap it up with my limited education from public school and putting myself through college.... Yes, I will complain, I will attend meetings, I will fight, and I will allow my daughters the safest public education as that is what our public service salaries afford us. Please excuse any grammar, spelling mistakes as my parents taxes paid for my education.


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