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I agree with most of the posts in this blog. McGee does need to go, and so do most of the members of the Board of Education. It is easy to set on the fence and look at either side and pass judgement on these people. Leaning one way when someone does something you agree with and leaning the other way when they do something you feel is wrong, BUT never doing anything about it other than complain and write your thoughts hidden behind the protection of this blog. I think most of the fault in Brunswick County lies with the citizens. WE voted these people into office, so we get what we voted for. If WE don't like what they are doing, then WHY do WE keep voting them back in???? We have an election coming up in the not too distant future, so what are we going to do about it? If we do nothing, then guess what will change? Nothing! Change is suppose to be moving from something that isn't working or is bad on to something that works better and is good. Sometimes we get it wrong, but we must learn from our mistakes and make it right the next time around. We need to look at the facts, not our personal preferences. I like her because she looks good, or he is handsome, or she is my nieghbor, or he got us something I have been wanting, she goes to my church, things that have nothing to do with why they should be elected. Look at the requirements for the job and pick someone who can fulfill these requirements, not just someone that speaks well and makes all kinds of promises. I guess it is easier said than done, huh?


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