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A vast majority of volunteer

A vast majority of volunteer firefighters are great people who risk their personal safety to help others. But, you have to admit that they do attract their share of fire-bugs. It's not at all suprising. Pyromaniacs put themselves in positions to be able to see thier handiwork. This can either be by being a watcher in the crowd, or responding to the call as a volunteer firefighter. The same thing is true of people who sexually abuse children. They try to put themselves in positions where they are around kids. It never suprises me when a teacher or youth minister gets arrested for abusing children. Those criminals entered their profession to be close to kids. But either way, the fact remains that the actions of a few bad seeds can taint a profession of organization. One bad cop makes the whole department look bad. And just ask the Catholic church about the bad image its' pedophile preists have cast upon the entire worldwide organization, even though the number of offending preists is an extremely small percentage of the total population of priests.


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