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Protect the elderly

Our society continues to neglect the elderly on the local, state and federal level through reduced benefits and higher taxes.After years of hard work , we are betraying this generation.The $ 250.00 is a political gimmick by the Obama Administration to deflect criticism.The federal government has bankrupt our nation through incompetence and corruption and average working Americans , who have always played by the rules ,are being asked to foot the bill.Expect to see a continued deterioration in your standard of living. This movement towards socialism that has slowly crept along for years ,is now being expedited by King Obama.Every American's standard of living will continue to fall because our nation still has not addressed the fundamental problems that plague us. No politician will ever reveal the truth, Republican or Democrat ,because there would a harsh reality about the state of our nation. So expect the political gimmicks to continue. This enables them to bide time until the next election cycle.Social Security is a socialist program and a Ponzi scheme but many have paid in and want a return. Americans will have to eventually wean themselves off this program.It will be 25 more years before I am a recipient of Social Security and I am making plans not to depend on it.Social Security will not survive another 25 years!


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