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So because what, the cost of

So because what, the cost of gas went down we are supposed to believe there was no increase in the cost of living this year? I can name several things I bought in grocery shopping this week that not only cost more than they did last year but actually more than they did just a few months ago. If the cost of living is decreasing, other than in fuel costs I don't know where it is at. As regards seniors, Most of them have worked longer and harder than anyone posting their snide remarks on this page. They deserve their benefits more so than the trash in public housing breeding one illegitimate child after the other each year for the taxpayers to support and so that they do not have to get off their lazy behinds and work. And what is the comment in one of these posts about them dying off sooner? Maybe that is the plan. After all the demos health care plan calls for massive cuts in Medicare funding when the society is rapidly aging. And of course the one thing it will cover is the end of life counseling to encourage people to just give up and die instead of being a further drain on our resources. Maybe that is Obama's plan. Maybe he envisions a "Logan's Run" type of society. Reach a certain age and you are gone. Of course, at some point, that will include all of you.


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