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HEY COMMONSENSENOTC..., I'm trying to get a handle on what your politics are. I see your post all over the place. Are you far left , far right, drifting in the middle. Some of your post I agree with the others I think that you have lost your mind.The reason that I say this is that I'm right of the middle, I didn't say far right.Ten years ago I had to have surgury on my lower back for a bone spur that was about 2/3 of the way around my spinal cord and putting pressure on my spinal cord which had a serious effect on my walking. I had to sign a paper that said that it did not happen while on the job. And I did not think that it did,so I signed it. When I had the surgury the doctor's found two ruptured disc,one above the bone spur and one below the bone spur,that had to have happened on the job since I had been working there for ten years at the time and had been having low back problems for a long time. After returning to work on 12/01/2001 I was fired on 12/30/2001. The Co. fired me for stealing a waste pump that they found two weeks later. The only thing that saved me was SSD. In NC they can fire you for any reason and there is very little you can do about it.My wife faced the same thing about four years later, she was fired after having surgury from an injury at Food Lion. She was fired for doing what she had been traind to do about 12 years earlier.Now I'm on SSD AND SHE Has been trying for about 3 years to get it. We have lost almost everything before they would step in and help her.I can't get anything because I make to much from SSD even though I owe around 65,000.00 in CC,hospital pharmacy and many others such as food insurance,taxes,etc.And as a RVN veteran I will not feel disgrased taking a dime from the GOV. S/F ROGER FLEMING ertran696


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