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My politics? COMMON SENSE

I analyze an issue and take the position that is intuitively obvious to anyone with a brain AND firmly rooted in the Constitution. So please explain how even your situation rates a COLA this year, when there has been no CPI increase? What part of "cost of living allowance/adjustment" confuses you? The government is not here to make life wonderful for everyone. We ALL face hardships and duress of some type, and **WE** have to deal with them, not rely upon the government to handle them for us. As far as being a Vietnam Veteran, glad to hear it - me too. The difference is that I pay in tens of thousands in income taxes every year, much of which goes to help people who aren't vets, who aren't incapacitated through no fault of theirs, but who choose to be total screw-ups whose every decision makes their life worse and worse at every step. But take heart! I still think the Socialists will be sending you another $250 bribe.


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