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Windows7 is Vista done the right way?

Windows7 is esentially NT6.1 as Vista was NT 6.0 ... They are so similar inarchitecture that there is only a 3 thread difference in kernel processes.. (That's close)However... If you have followed MS OSs... You know that a screwed up OS is released then about 2 years later comes something good... Windows 7 is it... I've run RC since beta and it is smikin and runs everything my xp ox does.. but even better... Also.. it is not $200.. If you have Vista, it could be free... The upgrades are anywhere from $119-$219 depending on what version you purchase... But its not $200... Microsoft sites: Cost - Free upgrade from Vista - Oh yeah.. And most everything you run on XP is compatible with Win7.. unlike Vista which sucked. Win7 rules..


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