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The following is false "Also NO Viruses on a Mac right now"

false, false, false.... RSPlug Trojan If you are refering to Snow Leopard 10A432, then no .. you are not completely protected on install.. In fact.. the protection offered gives users a flase sense of security when in fact the protection os nowhere nearadequate. the XProtect feature checks for only two known Mac trojans.. There are MANY more out there.. So Yes.. Macs DO get viruses and there ARE viruses out there.. Windows PCs get MORE viruses, simpll because there are so many MORE PCs than Apples out there.... If I was a virus writer and my intent was to do damage.. ANd I could infect a billion computers (PC) or 100 million (apple) of course.. the virus writer is going to choose the broader of the two to expliot... But don't believe for a minute, that Apples cannot or do not get viruses... That is simple false.


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