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We do what it do...

Hey TRS-80 guy... Or are you still peddling on a unisys mainframe... Your ignorance shows... If you feel you must need to know my private life there stoop,, I'm running a lilo boot between redhat and xp pro on my secondary station... My primary station because of critical application testing has been on Windows 7, well before beta1 was released to the public on TechNet way back when. Guys like you are wanna-be beta testers and haters because you will never be able to grow and adapt to new technology fast enough to keep on track with your job and can’t stand the thought of having to do away with gerbils spinning around on a wheel in order to spin your old hard drive attached to a dilapidated cyrix 200 mmx chip in your DC.. Microsoft calls guys like me, an MVP and development evaluator.. If you are still calling Microsoft, “Mickeysoft”.. Then you can’t relate because you are that far behind me and half the population.. Because of the size of our biz (sorry I'm not used to the 2 employee disaster designer team, and catch phrases from 1991 that say "winderz" for you haters out there.. And as far as being a fanboy... I have forgotten more in technology than you will ever be able to learn there cupcake… Don’t hate because you can’t keep up with the technology that my ten year old is keeping up with.. And please.. Stop using phrases dropped off in 91/92.. It shows your age and lack of professional knowledge.. Toodles… We do what it do...


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