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Cement Heads

Every company has a right to earn a profit, but when its leaving the citizens of the community with this.....

* 6792 pounds of Benzene / year
* 636 tons of particulate Matter /year
* 438 tons of Sulfur Dioxide / year
* 1,645 tons of Nitrogen Oxides / Year
* 21,900 pounds of Ammonia / year
* 46 pounds of Mercury / year
* 170 pounds of Lead / year
* Equally horrifying amounts of 14 other known pollutants
(Source: and

We might want to think about it a bit more.
We all live on cement foundations and drive over bridges, but it doesn't mean that we have to live with a huge plant right next door.
There are plenty of wide open spaces in this country. Its 2011 and its about time we start using the technology that is out there to develop more environmentally friendly building materials.
I am from out of state (and wear flip flops ;-)) but I don't understand how some of the locals here can justify using that as an excuse to bash people with opposing views. Do you really think its a good idea to dump that list of chemicals into 'your' water and 'your' air? Do you really believe that Titan 'cares' about you? They are good salesmen and a lot of people being sold on this idea are being taken for a ride, which isn't the first time. Its enough having that
ancient nuclear power plant within striking distance but this would nail the coffin shut.


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