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FACT #1: The EPA states

FACT #1: The EPA states children may be more susceptible than adults to the harmful effects of particulate matter pollution. FACT #2: A World Health Organization study on particle pollution found that air pollution caused a host of harmful effects in children, including: -a worsening of asthma -an increased prevalence and incidence of cough and bronchitis -and an increased risk of upper and lower respiratory infections FACT #3:The American Lung Assoc. states the current standards set by the EPA are insufficient in protecting the health of sensitive populations - such as children and the elderly, and those with heart and lung disease. FACT #4:the Clean Air Director for the Natural Resource Defense Council, says that the federal rules are “abysmal” when it comes to protecting our children and that the laws "just don't take into account the different susceptibility of children to pollution, or the proximity of pollution sources to places children frequent". These only pertain to the particulate matter they will be spewing from their smokestack. There are 100's more facts on the mercury and other toxins they will emit But I won't waste another second on it - again we wouldn't want to confuse you with the facts...


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