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Indefinite deficit

I am opposed to the healthcare reform plans being proposed! Under the public option plan, your private insurers will be eliminated in a 10 to 15 year time frame because they will not be able to compete with the federal government. The federal government can run an indefinite deficit for years to come , therefore eliminating private insurers. Government projections have historically never been on target with any program. There have always been extreme cost overruns.Are you willing to turn 1/6 of the American economy over to a dysfunctional government that has mismanaged our affairs too many times. Private insurers will have to be profitable to remain in business and any legislation proposed will probably have provisions which impair insurers ability to operate efficiently.Even your elected officials do not know all the details of these proposed bills. They are briefed by their staff on the highlights so they can have an intelligent dialogue with their constituents about the bills.The other bills will have many pitfalls as well.If it were such great legislation , then why is there such a big sales job being conducted by the Democratic Party? They have the votes to pass it folks! They desire a bi-partisan bill because of the political ramifications. If it were such a great idea , why is it not going to be enacted until 2013? !!! I will tell you why because the next Presidential election cycle will have passed and Mr Obama will be a lame duck President. At this point he could care less about the consequences! Why will lawmakers not let the American citizens review the proposed bills online. With such historic legislation being proposed , why not let the people have a thorough review of the facts. Max Baucus said it would be too time consuming to place online.Nothing is too time consuming when it effects 1/6 of our economy! Once we go down this road , our course is irreversible ! You can not go back and shut down a bureaucracy ! I do not need the DNC to do my homework on the issue and I will take the initiative to do so!


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