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As one of the organizers of

As one of the organizers of the Italian Festival let me explain. First, there was 5000 people not 6000. Second,to put on a festival like that cost over $18,000. If you have never been involved with a project like this you would learn very quickly about things like entertainment,stage,lights,sound, insurance,town permits,dumpsters,port-a-potties,security,tent rentals and the list goes on and on.Also,keep in mind that 50% of the festival was rained out.Had the rains not come there would have been considerably more to donate. However, for a first year event we are very proud of what we accomplished and what we were able to donate. Next year weather permitting we will put on a festival twice as big and raise more money for needy students. Trust me,no one made a penny here except the students.


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