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Sounds like false advertising to me

Interesting, the sign did not say, "Part of your $2.00 donation will be given to BCC only after everything is paid for." That is false advertising. I am sure people would be A LOT less willing to PAY $2.00 to get in to a festival where they also had to PAY for their food, among other things. Clearly, the Italian Festival used this “donation” tactic as a way to make people think their money was going for a good cause, so they wouldn’t mind paying an entry fee AND paying for their food once inside. Just read a few of the comments posted with an article on the WWAY website entitled “Italian Festival hoping for a sunnier Sunday.” Clearly, these people were under the same misconception as I - that their ENTIRE $2.00 donation would be going to BCC. I understand that festivals such as these take a lot of money to put on, but isn’t that what the "sponsors" of this event were for. Or, is this just a way for your sponsors to get their name in the community for doing a “good” thing without really helping to foot the bill. In the future, I suggest you be a little more explicit with your patrons because, contrary to what you may think, many of us do not like to be lied to about where our money is actually going.


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