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"The devil is out to steal,

"The devil is out to steal, kill and destroy. And he is after our youth, if he can't get in through us, he'll get in through children,” The devil can't steal, kill or destroy unless you allow him in. Everyone must stand up and take responsibility for themselves and their children. You teach by example. Not just inside the home but inside the community. If a child grows up seeing the local "thugs" they stand more of a chance of becoming one themselves. Stop sitting back waiting for the government to raise your children and stand up for them yourselves. If you believe in GOD, make sure your children do also. Not just by words but by action. Don't go to church on Sunday morning and then stand on the street corner Sunday night to sell your drugs. EVERYONE is entitled to a good life, but EVERYONE must work for it. Stop trying to get there off others hardwork. Working hard to EARN something, will make you appreciate it more. Nobody deserves to day the way this man did. Put when you choose a lifestyle, you choose all of it not just the parts you like.


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