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The Wilmington Police Department's strategy for these inner city pockets of criminal activity is one of containment.As long as it is confined within this criminal underworld, these thugs will take each other out. There are two different cultures in the city , as there are in any city. Civilized vs. uncivilized. Their value system is different than yours. They do not think about the future. They only think about what they are going to do in the next 24 hours. They do not value human life , they do not have a moral compass and they have no ambition to better themselves.Anarchy is rule of the day. The police department and the schools can not correct the ills of society.It begins at home and they have failed miserably! As long as it stays confined to these cesspools, let them weed each other out! Their community leaders need to step up an address the black on black crime.This vicious cycle will never end until then!


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