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Judging a man before you know

Well, I've read this BLOG all the way through. All I can say is, it's sorta quick to judgment on things before we know. First, I'm not sure what the felony is. I mean changing a VIN tag on a bike, OK. I can't see this guy doing something, even one thing like this, as being felonious in nature. Give some things to benefit of doubt folks. Things you don't know but seem to be quick to pass judgment on. I mean cmon, there is always more to a story than what has been reported. Sure some truth in it, but even more truth underneath. Funny it's a lot easier for folks to be against an icon in the community than it is to think he could be an underdog. Everyone rallying against Scott needs to realize they are rallying for the DMV. Charges while may be torrent to a 10 month investigation doesn't surprise me that something needed to be squared away. 30 years of business over a 10 month investigation does not seem thorough. But now, I'm declaring hypocrisy. OK you feel like you got ripped off by Scott. Hmmm Can I talk to you? OK you're a disgruntled employee. Hmmm what are you doing with your life these days? For some reason all this shook out. Scott is a low life scum bag that needed to be brought down? I don't think so. The DMV just wanted a showcase trial to prove their metal. No, I don't think that's right either. BLOG's are opinions... Everyone has one. It may be premature to decide anything before we know everything. And if we can't know everything, maybe things are better left unsaid.


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