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I thought we defeated the Nazis

Let me see if I understand this - the people who pay taxes to build those parks will not be allowed to smoke in the parks they built? Uberfuhrer Griffith, no one has a problem with banning smoking in buildings, vehicles, or even making sure that smoking areas are situated such that people entering or exiting a county building do not have to walk through a cloud of smoke. There's even justification for restricted certain areas in parks, such as bleachers or sheltered picnic areas. When you tell people they can't smoke out in the wide open spaces, however, it immediately becomes more about your personal likes and dislikes than about health concerns. Do I like cigarettes, even in the outdoors? Not at all. Am I so stupid as to think that if I can SMELL a cigarette that is thirty yards away, that cigarette is endangering me? No. So get off the power trip. That county has far more pressing problems than people smoking outdoors. I get to tour some of the more rural areas of that county on a regular basis, and always wonder if I should get cholera and typhus vaccinations before going back.


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