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complaining never ends

It boggles the mind how parents in this county never stop finding something else to complain about and fight the school board on. This latest situation shows the ridiculousness and hipocracy on display. These parents are complaining about a cell tower next to Murrayville Elementary, yet they don't raise a fuss about the high tension power lines running right next to Laney and Trask (theres more substantiation out there about power lines causing cancer than a cell tower). Neither do parents raise a word of concern about the huge microwave and cell towers just across the street from Blair and Noble in Dutch Square. Where is the outrage about the cell tower in Burnt Mill Business Park right next to CFCI? How about the huge cell tower just off Lennon Drive and Market Street that is 50 feet from the Childcare Network building? Parents: Stop hassling the school board over hearsay and urban legends and start basing your arguments on hard scientific facts from reputable peer reviewed scientific journals.


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