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Killing of Our Children / Cell Towers

The involuntary irradiation of children by our public school system will become a thing of the past someday when the casualties begin mounting. Many scientists expect that the numbers will surpass tobacco and asbestos combined but in the United States most people are unaware of the thousands of studies worldwide that confirm the dangers of this technology. Studies of cancer clusters that are in close proximity to cell towers are numerous and can be found easily on the internet. Funding is pulled from schools and they are forced to welcome the death rays from towers. One might think this a premeditated strategy as it is so widespread. Why so many telecoms want to locate on school property is a mystery except that they find them starved for money and ignorant of the effects. I pulled my child from her school when they put a tower in and now reports of headaches and focus problems are beginning to surface. Good Luck Parents and Kids!!


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