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2 - More - Years....

So unfortunate. It'll be two more years of millions of dollars and thousands of hours WASTED on issues that SHOULD be on the back-burner on the priority stove, i.e. the convention center and the hotels that the Council is "hoping" will come along to help push the project into production. It'll be two more years for gangs to wage their street wars while the police stand helpless without the resources and funding to be able to battle the serious-natured crime that's on the rise. It'll be two more years of roads needing repair and redesign, abandoned buildings falling apart downtown, the homeless roaming without purpose, because funds will go to building "GREEN BUSINESS, and TRIPS TO OTHER CITIES TO SEE WHAT they ARE DOING THAT'S WORKING!" It'll be two more years before we can even attempt to change the politics of the city again, and by then it may be pointless. I wish there would have been more coverage in the media on what each candidate's platforms were built upon, to educate the public and perhaps get a decent amount of people caring enough to vote. Welp, here's hopin' that the next two years won't be as bad as I've just predicted. *cheers*


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