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The election and your Taxes

I can’t believe that the ignorant people of Wilmington have re-elected a person who (like all Dems) spend our taxes as though it ‘s something they are contributing out of their own pocket. Where are the responsible people in America? How about in Wilmington? Why do people in Wilmington take voting for granted? As these people erode our ability to make a positive impact in our community, we continue to allocate our taxes for “pie in the sky” ideas. Instead of making a positive impact in our area. They hijack our tax funds for non-sense projects like a Convention Center or Real Estate Deals, instead of using the resources to replace or repair our existing infrastructure . Road maintenance, traffic flow engineering, outrageous crime issues to mention a few, are what we should be occupying our time and resources instead of dreaming up these “pie in the sky” ways of sucking all of our future resources’ away. A twenty percent voter turnout of an already low registration demonstrates that we are not worthy of the responsibility to govern ourselves. How complacent we are. I believe there’s probably that many realtors in Wilmington. That would explain a lot. I guess now for the next two years we will have to get into the Hotel business and let’s not forget that shinning bridge that will probably turn into a parking lot over water. The very next day after his re-election, I heard him say, “it’s business as usual” as far a local government is concerned. Michael


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