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ABCs of the Constitution

Self-absorbed? Surely you jest.

As a mother and school system employee, I'm particularly disturbed by the thought that anyone believes my child can legally be kept from me. As long as I have not abused or neglected my child, you and the rest of the free world have no right whatsoever to prevent my child from being in my possession. In fact, the argument could be made for kidnapping, in that my child was held against his will by a seperate, non-legal entity.

Click on the link below to read the NC State statue (§ 66A‑15.1.) regarding anyone who ignores a state of emergency warning. The school had zero right to keep that woman from picking up her child, but it would have been her fault/ responsibility had she left with him, and he been sick.


On the other hand, here's a link that may inform you of rights guaranteed to you by the first document penned for our country and it's people and the lack of respect it's given in schools.


Many of us have let the government and it's agencies control things that they have no right to control. What my kids eat and wear are my decisions. Where they are at any given time, and who they're with, also my decision.

If I enroll my child in your institution, I can also withdraw them at any time I choose. Be it during an emergency evacuation or not. Also, if you pay close attention to the way the article was worded, you will see that students were not under quarantine, they had simply been evacuated from the premises.

It seems to me that the teachers and staff didn't want to put in the work of recording names by hand on a clipboard as students were picked up. Did you forget in the few short years you've been with a computer that once it was all done on paper? Or do you not know how to work anything without a mouse?

The truth is that we as parents and citizens need to reduce the power given to these agencies in order to prevent a future monarchy like the one our ancestors left Europe for. I'd rather the risk of a sick child than a another group who thinks they can control my family. You tend yours, I'll tend mine.

Please help us to put these people back in their place of "limited power". Educate yourself, vote for the right candidates. Don't vote to pass bills or measures that give more ridiculous amounts of control to these groups. Fight the power and bring the control home where it belongs.


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