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The Droid enters the cell phone market

READ MORE: The Droid enters the cell phone market
From emailing to snapping pictures, the functionality of new-aged cell phones is mind-boggling. So how do you know which device is best for you? There's the i-Phone, Blackberry, and tomorrow, the Droid. Many people would agree, the Apple i-Phone currently holds the crown as the most coveted phone on the market. "You can just consolidate so much, your camera, your laptop, your i-Pod, your media player, everything all into one device that you can carry around in your pocket,” said Webster Gomez of Best Buy. The Blackberry is also a hot item, especially in the corporate world... "We basically send and receive a lot of e-mails, I need to have my calendar synced up to my phone when I’m on the go. That's going to be your typical blackberry user,” said Greg Williams, a Verizon sales rep. But the competition heats up with the release of Verizon's new phone, the Droid, in stores Friday. "Our network is the nation's most largest and reliable network, so when you take that and put this phone on our network, nothing else is really going to stand up to it,” Williams said. The Droid is a Motorola phone operating on Google's Android operating system. It has many of the same characteristics as the i-Phone with a touch screen that rotates when you move it, downloadable apps, and it runs on the same 3-g network. But unlike the i-Phone, the Droid has a higher mega pixel camera with a flash and zoom, and two keyboards: a touch-screen and a physical one. So which one is right for you? Price-wise, Blackberries are generally the cheapest of the three. They can range from 50 to 250 dollars. The Droid's 100 dollar rebate makes it the same price as the i-Phone at about 200 bucks. The Blackberry, i-Phone, and Droid all carry a two-year contract and a separate internet data plan. Gomez says, no matter which phone you choose, you can't go wrong. "For your traditional business, I need my e-mail, I need my organization, I need my calendar, things like that, definitely go with the Blackberry. People who want maybe a few more fun features such as the third party applications, maybe having the i-Pod directly on your phone, definitely go with the i-Phone." As for the Droid, Gomez added, "Hopefully it's going to have a mixture of the two, as far as having the serious business capable uses of a Blackberry, but also the fun uses of the touch screen i-Phone." If you're thinking of getting the Droid or any other advanced product with Verizon, be warned; starting November 15th, there will be a 350 dollar early termination fee, but every month you're on the contract, that fee drops ten dollars.

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