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I have an iphone 3gs 32gb. I am a HEAVY Enterprise user... I am connected to our Exchange server 24x7. Two years ago, you would have never convinced me to move away from my coveted Windows Mobile device.... That is until Tech-Ed two years ago... I found it off that the majority of the Microsoft gurus (System designers) were walking around with iphones (with the Exception of the Exchange group since Exchange 2003 did not offer iphone sync until a few SPs later...) All they would say is "you cannot convince me to use anything else..) So I bit the bullet and went with a 3g 16gb model..... It has streamlined my mobile work process so fine, that I no longer carry a laptop unless I am out of town on busines. From email, to WebEx, to Remote Server access... It is all at the touch of my hand... I have used the google ap on a jailbroken device (android) when it first came out.. And although I expect that the google phone will one day be a fierce competitor, for now I will stick with my coveted iphone.... The bad thing about newly release OS systems, phones or otherwise, is there is always the fact that you are the first one to have it thus you are the first one to experience the shortcomings and bugs of the software... Cutting edge is great, unless you are like me... and have to support it throughout thousands of clients... Don't get me wrong... I think it will be a competitor.. but not until the 2nd gen comes along... If AT&T would get their towers placed a bit better.... I would not know where to by stock... But for now.. We have some good phone choices but two companies (att / verizon ) with substandard service when compared to metro markets... At least ATT is finally 3g and will be moving withing th year to their new 4g network...


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