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Why is this story being buried???? I’ve sat hear and read all the comments. Only 21 -22yrs old, so young: it seem as though both were good people. Both joined the Marine Corps with the hopes of service to their country. Both died in horrific ways. What a tragedy. Only one, Law, needed, asked for help repeatedly saying suicidal comments ...HE asked for help...from fellow marines, but they turned a blind eye. NCO, command, did nothing. Isn’t there some type of protocol when a marine loses rank from a CORPL to pfc to be placed on watch for depression or other things, like i don’t know a danger to themselves or others? Was he sent for counseling or evaluated for such a demoralizing thing as serving for 3 yrs3 mo. and being demoted to a PFC? NO. We all have braking points. And I mean all. Corpl Hartzell went looking and knock on the wrong door. For this…my hart hurts for two mothers, their families and fellow Marines. To those that did nothing, PAY ATTITION .To those leaders fueling the Stigma behind asking for help or being uneducated on what to look for or not providing adequate psychological support, re educate yourselves, this was too high a price to pay. If our military branches continue to do nothing, this will surely happen again. I’m tired of the lies and the countless cover ups of the hundreds of suicides, providing little or no help for depression, which can lead to potential homicides on bases around the world. Hopefully some good can come from this horrific tragedy for the families of, Corpl Hartzell and law. That the psychological well being of all in service of this great country will never be over looked AGAIN, Stepping up in reversing this horrible phenomenon.


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