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...facts speak for themselves?

The FACTS are: She was in the right place at the right time. She responded to a psychotic lunatic that was shooting and killing our soldiers for no reason. She bravely, quickly and accurately put it to an end. PERIOD! She most likely saved a lot of other souls in that short order. She completely sacrificed her own well being to take out a man that for some reason thought he had some sick, mis-guided right to kill his fellow soldiers. NOBODY "stuck her" with being a hero except for the soldiers she saved and the appreciative American people that are able to recognize extreme bravery. SHE is a HERO and it has nothing to do with a media label...for once. No "buts" about it!!!! These are the FACTs and they easily speak for themselves, so S/F Roger Fleming...sit down and don't make a bigger horses hind end out of yourself!!!


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